Independence and Oversight

Independent observers play an important part in maintaining election integrity and credibility. B&K provides our clients with experienced observers who monitor the election process objectively from start to finish. We assist our clients in ensuring that the election rules are followed and that the entire election process runs smoothly for the organization and the candidates. B&K is there to prevent and deter fraud in the process, giving voter’s confidence in the integrity of the election process and results.

B&K provides election monitoring services for organizations and industries such as:

  • Labor organization officer elections
  • Public and Private sector Employee Benefit Plan Trustee elections
  • State and Local elections
  • Not-for-Profit Board elections

Experience Matters

B&K has a proven history in providing election monitoring services in the Chicagoland area over the last 50 years.  We are impartial and professional. We provide our clients with more than just “monitoring” and “counting” during the election process.  We provide experienced and independent oversight throughout the entire election process from start to finish.  We ensure that the election process is fair, neutral and in accordance with the election rules in effect. We look for irregularities in the election process in real-time and we ensure the accuracy of the results.

Voters can be confident in the credibility of the results and the independent oversight that we provide throughout the entire election process.